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We are committed to deliver the most advanced and cost- effective solution to by integrating the:

AISS provides security technology and solutions to face all kinds of threats.

We have specialized domain expertise in providing security solutions to

  • Petrochemical installations
  • Transport infrastructure: airports, railway stations, underground systems, ports, etc.
  • Electricity and telecommunication
  • Large industrial installations
  • Buildings and corporate headquarters
  • Urban video surveillanceLarge events

AISS offers solution to automate and authenticate people identification processes by using combination of advanced analytics and biometric solutions. We provide service over the full project cycle: consulting, technology, installations, engineering, training and support servicesWe have the specialist knowledge and expertise in integrating our video surveillance solution in various levels to the Access Control systems (RFID, Gate Barriers and Parking management solutions etc.) Biometric systems (Fingerprint, Hand geometry, Face recognition, Iris recognition using a high-resolution camera)

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