Oryx GTL Plant Chemical Storage Area and Warehouses ELV Package Completed

The Oryx GTL plant has expanded their GTL terminal. The extension project included Chemical storage areas and new warehouses for storage of Hazardous goods and chemicals. The main contractor for the job was Nasser Al Hajiri, one of the leading EPC contractors for Oil and Gas projects in Middle East. AISS was awarded the complete ELV scope with integration to existing systems on May 2019. The project competition date as per schedule was Sept 2020. AISS completed the project
ahead of schedule.

AISS scope included complete design, procurement, installation testing and commissioning of the following systems

a) Active and Passive Network (Structured cabling, Switching and Wifi).

b) Public Address and General Alarm System (PAGA)

c) Specialised Hazardous Environment CCTV System (EXRated cameras and flame detection analytics system)

d) Access control system. 

AISS successfully integrated the new facility to the existing systems.

AISS has partnered with Excell network for the implementation of intelligent network for the structured cabling system. The active network is based on Cisco industrial switches and EX-Proof wireless access points are provided in the warehouse chemical storage areas. Thermal camera integration is also performed in this project.

The public address and general alarm system is from Exigo (Now Zenital), which need to be integrated with the existing plant PAGA system. The entire new system we implemented is IP based and the existing system was Analog based. AISS successfully integrated the new system to the existing network.

The CCTV system was designed for perimeter inside buildingand hazardous area surveillance. The brand used is Siqura for the cameras and analytics. Complex perimeter intrusion detection, flame detection and sterile zone analytics where used in the project. The cameras are also integrated to the existing Lennel Onguard system in the plant control room. The design is based on video over fibre solution as the distance between camera are more than 90 meters in most of the cases.

Access control system included more than 110 doors to be monitored and control using Lenel access control system. These are to be integrated to the existing Onguard plantsystem.

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