AISS starts implementation of the prestigious Souq Waqif outdoor LED Signage Project

Souq Waqif which is located in the heart of Doha, is one of the most prestigious entertainment and shopping landmark in Qatar that attracts maximum number of residents and tourists. AISS won this project as partner of Darwish and Ital India (LED screen supplier). The project was awarded in Sept 2019 however the implementation got delayed due to covid and other approval related issues. Last week the project kick off happened at Al Rayan office and the same screen installation is approved. The project consists of different type of LED screens
of different sizes and configuration.

The content management system and the players are from Onelan UK. The LED screens are 3.9 mm pixel pitch, 7000 nits outdoor from Ital India. The frame of the screen is from Al Rayan parking management systems. The contract was awarded to Darwish from Al -Rayan parking management. The project is managed under PEO and the locations are finalised from PEO side. 

The project scope include the following systems.

A) Design, procurement and implementation of 22 numbers of 2Mtr X 3 Mtr portrait screens which is integrated with the parking lots in Souq Waqif area. These screens will be used for advertising, live media streaming and parking lot
availability status.

B) Design, procurement and implementation of 18 numbers of 1Mtr X 2 Mtr portrait screens which will be located inside the Souq walk ways. These will be used for advertising purpose.

C) Design, procurement and implementation of 1 Unit of 3X 1Mtr X .5 Mtr portrait screens which will be located inside the Souq. This will be used for advertising purpose.

D) Design, supply and implementation of Onelan signage players and content management system for the whole project. The content shall be delivered via 5G network as there is no direct connectivity available in many areas.

The network part, civil and electrical part of the project is handled by Al-Rayan parking management company. The frames are manufactured locally. Once the project is completed it will be the largest outdoor/ street signage deployment project in Qatar.

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